Thank You Cards/Notes

With the increase of SMS and social media interactions, we have greatly limited ourselves to the technological advances of communication. The older traditional ways of writing a letter or sending a postcard are going extinct! Don’t you feel a certain warmth in your heart when you get a birthday or holiday card with a note from mom and dad or your special friend?  I think writing to someone is such a charming way to express yourself! We’re so used to keeping our interactions informal, by abbreviating words and just hitting the send button right away, to the point where we don’t know when it is appropriate to send a text or write a letter. Writing shows the thought that was put into communicating with a person. So, today my focus was on these simple things called thank you cards/notes.

Have you ever thought about the little things that people have done for you? Like, maybe your school’s financial aid officer who helped you apply for a grant or a scholarship and got it, or that co-worker who picked up lunch for you because she realized you had been stuck in the office during lunch hour? Yea, them, they matter. Many may think that it’s a person’s job, or they didn’t ask for a favor, so there’s no need to go out of their way to show appreciation, but those many fail to realize that without these individuals who helped you along the way, you might have never gotten to where you’re at now. So stop for a second and think about it, did you really show your sincere gratitude to Mr. Financial Aid Fairy Godfather or Ms. Lunch Time Superwoman? This is where a formal note comes into play- and if you’re like me, you’re gonna want it to be super cute!

Cute cards like these can be purchased from Marshalls or TJ Maxx online or in-store for $3.99! 🙂

Thank you cards/notes can be bought or hand-made. It really depends on your style preference and affordability. I get mine at either Marshalls or TJ Maxx (they have to-die-for stationery). If you opt for a hand-made card, just make sure it’s presentable and appropriate to whoever is the recipient. As for the note inside the card, keep it short and to the point. What matters here is the effort and thought you put into showing your appreciation for what was done for you.

Never forget to be thankful !



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