The Modern Lady’s Purse Essentials

The modern lady knows her purse is her best friend. She is one who can rescue herself or another from a little sticky situation. Below, I’ve explored a few purse essentials that are key to keeping her standing confident no matter what curve-ball life throws her way (okay fine, not EVERY curve-ball, but the little annoying ones that need a quick fix).

First things first, it’s a good idea to have three small zippered pouches- one for makeup, another for toiletries and last but not least, one for small stationery items.

DSCN1165 (2)

The Beauty Pouch

If you’re a makeup fanatic, you’ll want to add whatever you feel is best to keep in your to-go beauty pouch, but below I’ve listed things that I travel with daily (and as you can see I don’t really use much makeup on a daily basis).

  1. Mascara– You’ll be surprised to see what two strokes can do!
  2. Eyeliner– A clean line can make any woman conquer the world.
  3. Lip balm/gloss and/or lipstick– Keep them lips hydrated at all times! If you opt for lipstick, ensure it’s one you’re comfortable sporting on any occasion.
  4. Hair pins and hair ties– When a lady is ready to get down to work, sometimes she’ll want to pin up her beautiful tresses. These also come in handy for any hair emergency or when she feels the heat coming on.
  5. Travel size shampoo & conditioner– I still question when i’m actually going to need these, but for some reason I feel incomplete without them.
  6. Safety pins– No button? No problem. These babies can rescue a buttonless skirt or blazer and even a necklace whose latch has been broken on the go!
  7. Comb and/or brush– Flyaways can become so irritating. A quick run to the ladies room to smooth them down will boost your appearance and confidence, trust me.
  8. Compact mirror– Think you might have a little friend from lunch chilling between your teeth? Take a quick glance to ensure you made the goodbye clear. If you wear braces like moi, you’re really going to need one of these.

DSCN1171 (2)


  1. Hand sanitizer– Public places are infested with germs and bacteria. Clean up asap. You might prefer opting for one with aloe vera or vitamin E to prevent dryness.
  2. Pocket tissue– The world doesn’t need to know that your beau just threw in the towel on your way to work. Dry your eyes and take on the world sweetheart.
  3. Nail file– Ever had an uncomfortable, uneven nail tugging your life away? Need I say more?
  4. Wipes– These come in handy in soooo many ways!
  5. Sanitary napkins and/or tampons– Always be prepared for surprises. Maybe the desperate lady in the next stall may need a little rescuing herself. Be her hero.
  6. Cotton swabs– Its like, when we hear life or beauty hack nowadays we suddenly become so interested. Cotton swabs will clean up your messy manicure or blend your sexiest smokey eye without ever using a brush. These are a perfect pouch staple!
  7. Travel size deodorant– Did the store manager call for an unexpected associate meeting? Wipe up & with a swipe you’re good to go!
  8. Travel size toothbrush & toothpaste– Maybe Mr. Special surprised you after class for a dinner or movie date … Whatever the case may be, ask for a quick restroom minute before you jump in the passenger seat.
  9. Floss– I’m telling you about those so-called “friends” from lunch.
  10. Hand moisturizer– I think the world can attest to the fact that not every moisturizer actually moisturizes. Pick up a travel size Eucerin hand moisturizer to keep your hand literally kissable.
  11. Mini stain remover– Coffee stain on your blouse? No worries, your Tide-To-Go has you covered (I carry the mini version).
  12. Travel size first aid kit– Oooh! Baby got a boo boo? Supermom will take care of you! Also, you will worship the Band-Aids when you feel a sore coming on from breaking in your new pumps.
  13. M-m-m-mints!– ALWAYS keep your breath fresh. Like… always. (Is there anyone here who is seriously in love with Altoids?)

DSCN1169 (2)

“The Paper Pouch”

  1. A mini journal or a Post-it pad– A situation may arise where you might need to jot down information or a super awesome idea, so carrying one of these along will make life so much easier!
  2. Pen/ Pencil (but I say pen)– Well I highly doubt you could make that jotting without one of these. Lol.
  3. Highlighter– While waiting on your forever late best friend (won’t call names), you decide to pop out that Sociology textbook, having a highlighter at hand will help you to distinguish between the blah of the material & the very informative points.
  4. One or two blank thank you cards– You’ll never know when someone might be quite deserving!
  5. EMERGENCY cash– Whatever you do, DON’T spend it on that top! You might end up needing to take a cab home.

DSCN1177 (2)

As you can see, the modern lady is well equipped. She not only prepares for herself, but she prepares for other fellow ladies.

I hope I’ve provided you with very useful tips! Feel free to leave a comment including any other essential items you might think would come in handy to save the day!



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