12 Tips On Keeping Organized

Okay, so it’s your time to relax- well you think it is, but by the time your shut your eyes to take a five you remember you didn’t pick up your package from your local Fedex . You jump up and rush out before the office closes and you make it just in time- right before they switch the “open” sign to “closed”. Whew! That was close! You then ask yourself, how do I ensure I get everything done properly at the right time?

Sooooo today, I’ve decided to share with you some of my key tips to keeping organized and pumped while doing so.

 1.     Prioritize 

Remember, important things are… well… important. The earlier you get the important things out of they way, the more time you’ll have to spare on the simpler tasks, and who knows? maybe catch up on some snooze.

2.     Lists

How liberating and satisfying is it when you can finally cross an item off your to-do list! I keep a magnetic list pad (it’s cute of course) that I write down my daily activities on every morning before breakfast so I don’t forget. As I successfully complete a task, I cross it off. One down, eight more to go!

3.     Calendars

Keeping a calendar in your room or home office will help you to plan out your week or month properly. You can schedule an appointment for your day off but there’s a chance you might forget if you don’t write it down! (or record it in your phone, whichever suits you best).

4.     Execute consecutively

Have you ever heard the term, “a jack of all trades but a master of none”? Well, in this case, doing a little bit of everything at once will get you nowhere. Once you begin to execute, ensure you complete. After successfully completing, you can move on to the next.

5.     Develop good habits

Studies show that it takes 21 days to develop a habit and the same time to break one. Start working on yourself. Take a holistic approach to your life, develop good habits and discard the bad. Simple things like making your bed each morning as you get up will not only help you to resist jumping back in, but will also give you a feeling of accomplishment to carry on your day. Good habits rock!

6.     Predict possible problems (PPP) :3

Nothing is perfect. Nobody is perfect. Expect the unexpected, always. If you plan to do something a particular way or time, always have a back up plan because disasters happen and there’s no use in crying over spilled milk.

7.     Remove & replace

My mom does this thing where she’ll move the makeup bag from the closet and leave it in the bathroom, leaving me to put it back. It does get annoying! But hey, she’s my mom & I actually vowed to love her through the good times and the bad lool.

My point here is, to minimize on clutter, when you’re through with using an item, put it back in its designated spot.

8.     Be a donor, not a hoarder

No service? No space. So maybe your sweetheart of a boyfriend bought you a t-shirt for Christmas four years ago but you’ve now outgrown it and have no use for it whatsoever. Let go of the sentiments, it’s taking up valuable space. Rather, donate it to the nearest donation center or Salvation Army. Someone would be glad to receive a nice top for their Christmas too.

9.     Use spaces creatively

I cannot stop stressing on the use of shelves! Decorated creatively and used efficiently, shelves will give your blah corner a nice face lift. You could also turn that outdated magazine filled corner into a reading nook. Just add a bean bag or a comfy chair and a good lamp for reading.

10.     Avoid sales!

You have to admit, sometimes you see some crazy sales going on and the power of God has to be holding you back from spending your week’s allowance there. If you don’t need it, (or if you don’t have space for it) DON’T buy it! You’d be surprised to know how many new tops are hiding at the back of some people’s closets.

11.     Filing & storage

Keep filing folders and storage boxes. Label them properly and orderly. NEVER label anything as “miscellaneous” or “the everything box” (I used to have a notebook like that in elementary school, so if I left my math book at home i’d just throw the work in that book). If you constantly put things in “miscellaneous”, by the end of the week you’ll forget what’s in there.

As for the email inbox? delete irrelevant emails daily. Set a day during the week where you go through your p.o. box to sort and discard.

12.     Plan ahead

Unless you have lots of free time on your hands, don’t submit to spontaneity. This will mess up the completion of tasks on time. Plan ahead so you’ll know what to make certain preparations for, and if there’s a little free time, you could probably call up your bff for a brunch date. Heyyy girl!!


Every day is a new day to hit the reset button (just make sure to sleep), so don’t knock yourself for life’s little mishaps. Eventually, you’ll learn to take full control of your daily life without bursting a single sweat. Wake up, pray, plan and execute! Never forget to look fabulous while doing it!



Comment and share your tips on keeping organized below!

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