7 Tips to Help You Prepare For Your First Semester in College

If you didn’t already know based on my Instagram post, I started school on Monday.  Now, I had initially planned to  make a post every Wednesday morning but right now, when I look at my planner, I cringe. I’m actually squeezing this post in right now because I’m going to get down to work right after! 😥 Then that’s not it! I work 3 days a week, 8 hours a day, plus I’m trying my best to volunteer once a week at Potter League (an animal shelter). Nonetheless, self-fulfilling prophecies are well.. self-fulfilling. I want to end this semester with a GPA higher than this roof above my head, and I am going to. God bless my soul.

Anyway, today’s topic is going to be rather short but interesting, no worries. What am I going to talk about? Preparing for your first day of college (it was actually a war between this and the coconut oil that I got straight out of Jamaica three days ago that’s working miracles for my skin and my hair!)

So your first day is creeping up slowly and you’ve been nothing but excited (I was ecstatic!). Let’s hope, due to your excitement you don’t forget to prepare properly and get in the mindset of the dreadful work. Here are a few things that I did to make sure everything went smoothly for my first week.

1.Register for your courses

Waiting till the week before the semester begins is a big no-no! Register for your courses early! Generally, you can meet with an advising counselor to decide on which courses are best for you each semester and the career path you’re taking. I registered for mine in November so I had the chance of picking and choosing as none of the classes were full (I was probably even the first student to register for the courses -.-. But that’s good.)

2. Tuition

Schools actually cannot wait to mail your tuition bill to you. Trust me, my school was on the ball! Anyway, ensure you make an appointment to speak with your financial aid officer to file for your FAFSA as early as possible. (usually right after you ring in the new year). After, if necessary, pay that balance asap! You can query payment plans from your enrollment office.

3. Textbooks

Text books are expensive. If you’re taking a course for only one semester and you don’t see yourself needing this book anytime in the future, rent it online. Don’t buy it unless you like to mark in textbooks when you’re reading them. If you rent, just ensure to keep it in a pristine condition and return it on or before the due date. If you need to mail it back, then you’d want to do this a week before the due date and if necessary, get it expedited! Usually shipping is on the house (the renter’s house that is…).

4. Orientation

This is actually the long boring part of the process. I must admit, it was quite informative though. We toured the campus, met the college police and spoke about so much, from sexual harassment to scholarships.

5. School ID

I REFUSE to show anyone my ID! I look like a rat omg. Get your ID picture taken asap. If your school is like mine, you cannot use the computer labs, library nor print without proof of enrollment. Yes, your ID.


The absolutely fun part that almost everyone looks forward to. I did what any smart person would do-save the best part for last! 😀 My stationery supplies are so cute! From my bag straight down to my paper clips (they’re gold). Notebooks, binders, planners, multi-colored pens, pencils, Post-Its, filing folders, and so much more. Just be prepared to spend a few bucks more on the cute ones.

7. Your first day/week.

It’s your first day and you’re as nervous as ever because you don’t know what to expect. Hoping that you’ve prepared your mind & shoulders for the heavy load that you’re about to get dropped on them, you step into your classroom (EARLY), take a front row seat or the second row (I hate feeling exposed), and grab your notebook and pen. Generally, the first day of a class is syllabus day but expect tons of assignments.

This is going to one packed semester, I can feel it. Just make sure you build a relationship with your professors, meet deadlines and ask for help when needed. You usually have a two week window to add and drop courses without paying for it. Find out from your school how the process works.

Going to get to work now! Have a good semester guys!



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