Inspiration Wednesday

I had a long Tuesday. It was a good TuesDAY really, until it came into the wee hours of the night. I may have shed a tear or two, yea, so what? Judge me all you want. I then tried to sleep but I couldn’t because I felt my life needed to be steered back on track (I was also wondering what this week’s topic would be), so I got out of bed, ate, took a shower and wrote this.

I had a bad day, as we all do at least once a week, but this week I was so tempted to give into my negativity. I wanted to wrap myself in my blankets and sleep till thy kingdom come. But, as we all should practice to do, I consciously gave way for my positive bone to kick in.  I tried to give myself reasons to remain sad but I couldn’t; I thought about life and the beauty of it. I thought about the opportunities I’ve been given of which i’m truly grateful. I opened my eyes and noticed my room in its hurricane-like condition, which is so not me. This made it even harder for me to fall asleep, knowing i’d wake up to a messy room. So, inevitably, I rose. I cleaned my jungle and got ready for bed the proper way.

Sometimes I may think my problem is too big to handle, but then I remember that I’m literally just a drop in the ocean. There are millions of other people experiencing this or worse. Knowing that, it delights me to be able to share my inspiration with you. This makes me feel twice as better than if I had thought only about myself.

So whatever you’re going through, try to remain positive and know that there’s a likelihood that maybe two or two thousand other people are experiencing a similar tragedy. You’re not in this alone. What you should aim to do, is to find a solution (if possible) to your problem. Express your emotions to someone you trust or find another outlet to vent. After that, you wipe those tears, kick in self-motivation mode and move along. Don’t stress- stress makes you ugly. Who wants to wake up and think they’re ugly? I love to feel beautiful and stress never makes me feel beautiful. It makes me wear sweats to school…

Darling, despite whatever you had to go through yesterday, this morning or sometime this week or last, you’re strong and you can make it through. You have the privilege of choice. Your choice of attitude will determine what happens in the end- either you appreciate a lesson learnt, or you hate someone for what wrongs they’ve done you. My advice, scrap the latter.

Love, laugh and learn. In the end you’ll see your reward.



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