Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

As women who take utmost pride in ourselves, we always seek to find the best beauty products, secrets and hacks out there to keep us looking and feeling up to par. Some of us prefer to use a variety of makeup, while the rest may prefer to keep it natural. I must say, we all have our own ways of expelling our highest degree of confidence and whatever you do to look and feel that way, continue. Never forget, confidence is beautiful.

Of recent times, there’s been a craze about using natural products for beauty. The focus has seemingly been placed on coconut oil, which i’m sure we can all attest to. Coconut oil has been around for years. My grandma had fourteen children and had no stretch marks. Why? She lived on the countryside where coconut trees literally grew in her backyard, so she used coconut oil to moisturize daily. (Yes, I’ve been jealous of her since I found out)

I recently got my hands on two 16 ounce bottles of natural coconut oil from Jamaica. My dad went through hell to take it through the airport, but he did and I love him. God bless your precious soul father. Since then, I’ve been using it daily from head to toe. LITERALLY!
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After washing my hair, I use coconut oil to moisturize. It leaves my hair shiny, it enhances my natural curls and helps prevent against split ends. It also protects the hair from heat damage if I choose to straighten it. Oh, and my hair is left smelling like coconut.. heheee…


Unlike other oils, coconut oil is lightweight, therefore it is easily and quickly absorbed by the skin leaving it soft and supple to touch. It contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help to control and clear up skin conditions such as eczema, acne, rashes and even cold sores. Coconut oil can be used to make homemade body products such as body scrubs, body butters, face wash, lip balm and so much more (just get creative).

Since using coconut oil on my skin, my acne spots have cleared up tremendously. It has also provided me with the luxury of maintaining a nice summer glow throughout the winter months.

NAILS20160210_092012 (2)

They say dressing well is good manners, but in addition to that, maintaining well manicured nails (whether polished or natural) is of GREAT manners.

Nails are made of protein and water. When the nails are dry, they become weak and they begin to tear or break. Sometimes you will notice ridges at the end of your nails. Coconut oil encourages nail growth and restores moisture in the nails leaving them shiny & strong. Due to this known fact, it is greatly used during the manicure process to soften cuticles and push them back. Last but not least, coconut oil can be used to counteract nail fungus because of its antifungal properties.


As you can see, coconut oil offers a multiplicity of beauty benefits. To experience the magic, just add NATURAL coconut oil to your daily skin regimen. There is a wide variety of “virgin coconut oil” on the beauty market, so be sure to check the labels and ingredients for the absence of additives and fragrances. If you’re like me, you’d prefer to have the coconut oil boiled right in your kitchen (or have a Jamaican rastaman do the job for you! :3).

Next week i’ll share with you my daily skin routine and my diet that have contributed greatly to the improvement of the appearance of acne on my skin.

So see you next week!



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