How To Sustain A Healthy Relationship

Since the day you were born into this world, you’ve been building relationships with the people around you. Your mom, your grammy and even your dog Blue. You then advance into the hormonal years of your life and relationships thereon begin to take a different twist on things. You begin to build intimate relationships with other people, whether guys or girls, best friends or boyfriends or food and the remote control. Whichever.

After giving it extensive thought, I decided to share with you a few tips on how to sustain a healthy relationship. Now, I’m not saying I’m some relationship guru, or I’m writing a relationship bible, but given the eighteen years that I’ve roamed this planet, I’ve acquired more than a handful of knowledge about life and relationships-whether intimate or friendly.  I must admit, I’ve had my fair share of unsuccessful relationships so I’ve made it my point of duty to take from them valuable lessons to help me grow into a better individual.

  1. Know your values.

Do you know your values? What you will say yes or no to at any given time, under any given circumstance? Knowing yourself and what you stand for will only make finding the right people in your life easier. If one refuses to accommodate your values, then kudos to them, right? It’s your life, your choice.

2. Have an open mind.

So there are times when you come across people you seem to take an interest in, but you don’t think that they’re your “type” given their socio-economic class or their way of dressing and so on, so forth.  Don’t shoot them down because of factors like those.
Who knows? The guy who has that “bad boy” appearance might just be hella smart and funny and knows how to bring out the best you.

3. Be rational and reasonable

Who likes someone who just constantly bickers or always have something annoying to say? Not me of course. If there’s an issue, communicate (this should’ve been its own point). Communication gives way for deliberation and problem-solving. Don’t waste your energy and time arguing. A wise woman once told me, “If you stumble upon a problem, find a solution. It’s honestly that simple”.


The truth hurts. Sometimes it makes you go to bed crying, but is believing a lie and looking like a fool better than knowing the truth and eventually moving on? Honestly, some people would look at the fact that you’re an honest person and appreciate it. I always stress this; if you’re wrong, own it and apologize then strive to become better (CRITICAL).

5. Gratitude

We inherently take the people we love for granted at times. It’s a common human mistake. We think, “oh she’s love me so she’s not gonna leave”. No. She will leave. Show her you love her, and you appreciate all that she’s done for you and believe it or not, it only get’s better from there and vice versa. Think about it, humans are like dogs, we LOVE rewards! No one likes to feel unappreciated.

6. Don’t compare

Everyone is different. Comparing your significant other to one of your past or someone else who currently takes an interest in you will create havoc. You’ll do and say things you’ll regret. You’ll not only have your significant other feeling worthless in your life, but you’ll probably lose them and in fact, they were probably really good for you. So think and act wisely.

7. Know your partner

Knowing who you’re dealing with will make the relationship flow easily. I guess that’s why in the initial stages people go on dates to get to know more about the person they’re interested in. Nowadays, people are proposing relationships without having actual reasons to substantiate their wanting of an intimate relationship. Yes, you get to learn more about a person when you’re with them, but do you know enough to say, “hey I want to be with you”? Many may argue that, for someone wanting to be with another means that they know enough to want to start a relationship, but in actual reality, there are people out there who want to engage in a relationship with another for mere superficial reasons. Knowing your partner, will encourage a healthy relationship.

8. Be understanding

Hear them out. What is affecting them? Try to look beyond the point of your nose and put yourself in their shoes. How do you contribute to it? Taking the time out to understand where your partner is coming from will allow for easier communication. Here’s an example of a common phenomenon. Your girlfriend tends to call you when you’re caught up with work or busy doing other things, right? You usually get back to her whenever you’re done. She will probably go off the rails on you because she can never get through to you, so she never really knows what you’re up to. Suspicion kicks in. You don’t want that. Here’s a little Brittney advice. If you get a call but cannot answer at the moment, the next time you get a little break from whatever it is, immediately contact her- whether call or text- and let her know that you’re busy and you’ll get back to her asap. Ensure to get back to her! Don’t fall asleep you moron.


These are only a few critical things to consider while trying to sort out your relationship. Relationships aren’t easy but most times they’re worth it. Love you partner, appreciate them, respect them, stand up for them and be there for them when they need you. You’ve invested your time and emotions into this person for a reason. Don’t forget that.

I’d like to hear your tips on maintaining a healthy relationship. Comment below!



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