Find Your Calling

We all reach a point when we realize that we need to find our calling in this life. Some stumble upon this at an early age, while for some, it may take years. Nevertheless, it’s actually quite fulfilling to know that you’re working towards something that connects with you emotionally and spiritually.

I’ve been travelling that road of late as well. Nowadays, I have this strong yearning to discover my true abilities and my calling. I believe that I can do anything once I put my mind to it, but there are many things that don’t connect with me at all. Let me give you one instance of this. For about 3 years I wanted to become a DJ. Jokes on me huh? In the initial stages I was just goofing off with the idea, but about 9 months ago, an acquaintance/music producer, convinced me to get serious about it. In my head, this could work. I had myself a mentor and a little determination (lol just enough to kick-start the journey). On the contrary, my heart and soul just didn’t seem to be aroused by the idea. I would work from sunset to sunrise trying to figure out Virtual DJ, which was fun, but then there came times when I got seriously frustrated and said to myself, “this isn’t for me”. Now, here I am, writing blog posts every Wednesday morning after a good nights rest. This is yet another experiment, but I must tell you, it’s going well with my soul. I love it!

Coming towards the end of my high school years, I was beginning to figure myself out. I noted what I was greatly interested in, my style, my role models, what kept me motivated, my values and the people I surrounded myself with.

I found myself absorbed by style and design- from fashion to interior design, to makeup and just life itself (I’m sure you’ve heard of life as a canvas, paint away!). I realized also, that I had a knock for writing. I love expressing myself through prose and photographs. My style ever since has been undergoing transformation from trendy to that of a classy one. I eventually discovered a niche of bloggers on Instagram. I read their blogs and noted the various niches that existed- fashion, food, travel, faith-based, DIY, fitness and last but not least, the niche I fall under, lifestyle. To date, I can say that my biggest role model in this aspect of my life is Anna, a Toronto based photographer and lifestyle blogger from AnnaWithLove. I’ll literally be gawking over her IG and Snapchat on a daily basis.

Tips To Help You Find Your Calling

Though these tips may assist you in finding your calling, you should understand that you must discover your true self and what you love to do before defining your purpose.

  • Your Hobbies

What do you almost always find yourself doing in your spare time? What do you naturally do without long and hard consideration when you’re bored? What activities lift your spirit and spark your imagination? What makes you feel fulfilled?

  • Skills and talents

We all have a set of these. Some may be so clear to us while others may be ambiguous. Like I said, I love writing, and although it wasn’t a hobby, it was definitely a skill. Find your talents and skills and cherish them. It’s very rewarding, trust me.

  • Role models

Who do you seriously admire? Why do you admire them? Do you share similar interests with this person? Whoever you want to emulate is your role model and a role model is almost always a reflection of who you want to be.

  • What you keep current with

Do you watch politics? Cooking shows? Art channels? HGTV? Do you have a Pinterest board of inspiration and ideas? What do you pin to those boards? Do you listen to podcasts? What kind? How about music? What’s your genre? All these things and so much more should be noted if you’re on a quest to self-discovery.

  • Your style

Your style is what you show to the world. Your appearance, actions, expressions, values and lifestyle. I’ve curated a style that I believe, fits well on me; so should you. Whatever your style may be, ensure that it speaks wonders to you before you consider what it says to the world. Love your style, own it, cherish it.

Your calling may not necessarily be your dream, but the fact that it goes well with you can compare to nothing else in this world. I really wanted to become a famous singer.. but I couldn’t even crow if my life depended on it. However, I discovered my purpose which I honestly believe is to inspire the people around me. I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences which I’ve learned from, and now, i’m able to share with you ways to improve on yourself because this is what I’ve had to do.

Finding your calling in this life is a journey; a journey that you should be very willing and prepared to take. It’s going to have its bad days as well as it’s good days. There’s no guarantee that you will hit the jackpot at the first try, but keep persevering, it’s out there waiting for you. Take those bad experiences and let them mold you into a better person, one more suited for the long road ahead of you. I wish you guys all the best in your endeavors and never give up!









7 thoughts on “Find Your Calling

      1. That’s awesome. Having the ability to communicate and connect with others is vital as people tend to open up to people who are like them or are like how they wanna be. So apart from writing, what other hobbies do you enjoy ?
        Oh and thanks for the follow, I appreciate it big time.


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