The UniversiTEE Box Review

What is The UniversiTEE Box?

The UniversiTEE Box is a monthly subscription box curated for the fashion-forward college female.  There are three types of boxes available: The Bauble Box ($16.95-$99.95), The Duo Box ($28.95-$169.95) and The Alumna Box ($34.95-$199.95). With each box comes the option to choose from classic, trendy and minimalist style jewelry + more.

How does it work?

First, you make an account on their website, then you select the box of your choice and your style preference. Finally, you place your order and camp out by your front door for about 2 weeks until it arrives.

My Experience

In January of this year, I ordered the February box. I chose the Bauble Box (since it’s the cheapest and i’m broke), for which I paid $16.95 with FREE SHIPPING! It was slated to arrive mid-Febrauary, but for some unknown reason, I didn’t get it until early March. I kept checking my front door EVERY day until I grew weary and a bit annoyed, until I received the email stating that there was going to be a delay. This relieved me a bit because for a while I was thinking someone probably took it from my front door! Eventually I received the precious little blue box that made me soooo excited lol. They put in the box, two extra baubles because the delay was a fault on their part. Yay for delays!

In the box I received two rings, a statement necklace, two wrist cuffs and an affirmation. I fell in love INSTANTLY! It spoke to my style and my soul, wow.

Based on the experience with my first UniversiTEE Box, I must admit, they’re more than worth what I paid for them and I can assure you that i’ll be subscribing for future months. The only downside to it was the delay, but i’ll see how the next box goes. So if you’re looking for the perfect monthly subscription jewelry box, i’d say go on over to their website and subscribe. I love them!




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