6 Things You Don’t Know About Brittney

I woke up at midday today. Yes, midday. I’ve been going at it everyday for the past few weeks with only a few hours of sleep each night. If someone had told me that working part-time and going to school full-time was this hard, I wouldn’t have believed them. Despite all that and waking up today thinking that it wouldn’t hurt if I missed a week’s post, I honestly couldn’t let the Wednesday end without putting something up on here. I’ve come to the realization that the time I use to blog is the only real time I have for myself nowadays, so i’m trying to make the best of it.

So, how much do you know about me? Majority, which i’m 100% sure of, will say not even my last name lolol. Some, who’ve known me from my high school days might be able to list a few things, while my best friends could reel off a list in less than 10 seconds. Gotta love’em. Today, it is my goal to enlighten you, my readers, on 6 things that only a few or no one actually knows about me.

1.I have a wrist tattoo.

It’s a treble clef that turns into an anchor on my left wrist. I got it the same week that I dyed my hair pink last summer (2015). Let’s just say that I had woken up that day with zero intentions of getting a tattoo and went back home with one lolol. I’m actually surprised as to how calmly my mom forced herself to react when she saw it. I still see her little glances when i’m doing stuff around her though.

2. I was one of the biggest bums in high school.

I think ALL my teachers and ALL my friends can attest to that. I always had the ability to do well, that I know, but I can honestly say that I didn’t feel the need to be as motivated as I am now. It’s amazing how we can grow into such mature and responsible beings after realizing and accepting our downfalls.

3. I hate bags and dirty feet on my bed.

On the last day of school, one Christmas holiday, my friends came over to chill. They were about to head to bed when I noticed their dirty feet on my clean sheets! I immediately rushed them to the bathroom to wash them clean lmao! I swear they probably hate me for that. And about the bags, George-ann, one of my besties, can tell you how agitated I get when she puts her bag on my bed. Seriously though, bags touch every surface you can think of and they take along with them germs and bacteria from those surfaces. Would you want that on your bed???

4. I’m a walking acne host.

I’m almost sure I highlighted this in my My Daily Skin Care Regimen post. I have acne on my face, chest, back, few on my neck and they’re now populating my hip area and my abdomen, Please pray for me, only God knows how it’s possible that i’m still sane. So if you’re in the struggle like me, just know there’s someone out there who feels your pain. Don’t worry, we can get through this.

5. I played football (soccer) in high school.

I was the Messi of the team. Jokesssss! I loved the bench. Nah, i’m playing, I was an okay player who managed to fall only once and score only once- both during practice. Hahaaa! Football is probably the only sport that I enjoy playing but you’ll never catch me watching a match and no, I don’t have a favorite team nor player.

6. I’m a VERY lazy artist who sucks at painting.

I love drawing yes, but you’ll only really ever catch me doing it if i’m taking an art course in school or if i’m skipping a class and have nothing else to do.ย Ask me to paint something and watch my face instantly screw. I think it’s weird how I can draw and not paint well. Like, I can paint, but when I do, my mom BUYS PICTURES of paintings to replace mine with and moves mine to the back of the apartment!!!!

Here’s a little extra :3

7. I’ve always been trying my luck at entrepreneurship.

I’ve always dreamt of owning a business that is a true reflection of myself. You can ask my dad the amount of times that I’ve proposed business ideas to him but I’ve never put the effort in to have it materialize into something, or I’ve always found reasons to not make it happen. It started from graphic designing, to t-shirt printing, to a super cute cupcake bar, then to the DJ thing and now there’s something else. What I’ve realized is that after you’ve found yourself and your calling, everything runs smooth thereon. What i’m currently working on, is something that won’t be revealed anytime soon, but with the motivation of friends and family, this idea will materialize in due time, God’s willing.

Of course there are many more things that you guys don’t know about me, juicier things at that, but my mom reads my blog. Hi mom, love you! I hope you guys had a good read and i’ll see you all next week!




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