My Spontaneous Spring Break Adventure: Scenic Newport

Why did I choose to move here? What makes this place feel so much like home? Why don’t I stick to my nightly generated list of activities to do the next day? These questions and more I find myself asking of recent times.

I’ve been travelling to Newport, Rhode Island on summer vacations for the past 5 or 6 years. On arriving here for the first time, I knew that one day i’d want to be able to call this place home. Newport, the heart of Aquidneck Island, and probably the most romantic little town in Rhode Island, is home to a great deal of history. Coined the “City by the Sea” or “Sailing Capital of the World”, not only does this picturesque little town hold behind it great history, but is also a place of attraction for summer vacationers and movie producers who want to enjoy the beautiful backdrops and the charming aura this city has to offer.

It’s actually surprising to me to see how easily I’ve settled in here, given the fact that I came here only 5 months ago. I’ve made a few friends, at school and at work; I’ve become acquainted with various charities and activities, and I’ve also mastered the art of finding my way around- both by bus and personal transportation. This town is inhabited by a variety of different cultures and to add to that, it’s amazing to see how many people adopt an Irish ancestry around St. Patrick’s Day lol. Too bad I missed the parade of green drunkies.

Although living in the bordering town to Newport, I spend most of my time there, whether for school, work or play. I’ve come to the realization that during the Fall and Winter seasons, the town basically goes into hibernation until the warmth of Spring and Summer begins to draw near. This adventure that I undertook last week Thursday will show you the beautiful and charming town that I fell in love with almost 6 years ago.




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