Reflecting on My First Semester in College

I wish I could say that I was working on something grand all the time that I spent not posting, but truth be told, I wasn’t. I was caught up in the drift of finals and didn’t get a chance to wiggle my way out of it until now. Not only was I caught up with school, but I was also caught up with the tough decision of quitting my job. Yes, I eventually did put in my two weeks notice and then I was out. Peace out suckers! Luckily, I had the opportunity of meeting someone from CCRI at a school community service day event, who was more than eager and willing to hire me. So now, I’m working as a computer lab aide at school. I don’t really do much, I just assist students when needed, but let’s face it, 99.9999% of our generation are computer savvy, so to hell with me right? lol, pretty much. So, I just sit there browsing the web, checking my email and make failing attempts at publishing posts on here.

Let’s get to the meat of the matter. How was my first semester in college? My decision of moving here was really for giving myself a second chance at life. I began on a high, I was all excited, well prepared and ready to take on the workload that I had never been accustomed to prior. I was also working at Wal-Mart as a front-end cashier to gain some working experience. Given this, I had to try my best to balance both my job and my four 3-credit classes. In the beginning, my grades were SPANKING and I was all the more motivated to carry on balancing both. As time progressed, I began feeling the pain of losing precious time. I would work all weekend long for about 23 hours each week and study not one bit. This started to show in my grades. I managed to pick myself back up but it was an honest struggle, however, I was not about to fail once more in life. I carried on working and schooling up until my trip to Jamaica that I had planned to tell you guys allllll about but forgot.

Taking that 3-day break from my reality gave me a chance to re-evaluate the decisions that I was making. I came back home with a heavy heart and a strong urge to quit my job right then and there, but I didn’t. I waited one more week then submitted my resignation letter. I did feel what’s called “quitter’s guilt” but that was nothing compared to the guilt I felt wasting all that precious time that I should’ve used to focus on school. Finals were only two weeks away and I needed to use all the time I had available to focus because my future depended on these grades. Despite all the heartache and mental pain, I finished the semester with awesome grades and a 3.50 GPA.

Reflecting on this past semester, I’ve realized that I am indeed a hard-worker. I used to say that I was a slacker, but as my really good friend rightly said, “You weren’t a slacker, you just never had the motivation”. I have truly developed skills that I never thought I’d ever have. I’ve made consistency and determination key in my life and I’m on a path to use it to get me to where I want to go.

When you’ve realized where you’re coming from and what you need to do to get you even further, you will, and I promise you, give your all in everything that you do. You will become a master at your own game and most of all, you will make yourself proud. I am proud and I plan to make myself even prouder.

Thanks a lot for keeping connected despite the absence. I love you guys so much.



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