What’s On Your Summer Bucket List?

With Summer standing right outside my front door, I’ve made a list of creative and adventurous things to do to keep my three-month break super interesting and worthwhile. While they might not be bungee-jumping exciting, they’re just enough to keep me occupied and entertained. I’ve also created a list of activities that you could also try out during your break too. Let’s face it, the years of looking forward to attending a party- which was the biggest thing in summer- are over. It’s time to experience life and make memories with good people because we won’t be young and we won’t have summer breaks forever.

My Bucket List

  1. Create a vision board
  2. Take the bus into the city with a friend and go shopping for an entire day
  3. Be a local tourist for a day and take lots of pictures and sip on lemonade
  4. Take a trip to Block Island
  5. Get all dressed up and dine at 3 fancy restaurants
  6. Redecorate my bedroom
  7. Go bike riding
  8. Tour one of the gilded age mansions in Newport, RI
  9. Visit a Tulip farm and pick Tulips!
  10. Pick berries on a berry farm
  11. Go horseback riding with friends
  12. Take a trip to NYC by bus and/or train
  13. Read at least 5 novels
  14. Cook a new dish myself
  15. Stay super organized for a week
  16. Do a closet clean-out and donate
  17. Make 3 drawings and/or paintings
  18. Try food from different cultures
  19. Go on a picnic
  20. Take awesomeeeee pictures
  21. Last but not least, keep you guys updated while I’m doing it all!

17 Things To Put on Your Bucket List

In addition to those above:

  1. Go hiking on a trail
  2. Take a boat ride with friends
  3. Try three new recipes
  4. Make a vlog
  5. Go scuba diving
  6. Host a little party and play mad games
  7. Learn to play an instrument
  8. Go skinny dipping
  9. Create a scrapbook of anything
  10. Start a blog (private or public)
  11. Give 50 compliments within a day
  12. Have a beach bonfire
  13. Dress up and be Blair Waldorf, Serena Vanderwoodsen, Chuck Bass or Nate Archibald for a day (sorry not sorry, Gossip Girl fan here!)
  14. Go on a super spontaneous adventure
  15. Get your first tattoo
  16. Go without technology for a day
  17. Have your makeup professionally done and do a photoshoot

Three months might look like a long time but don’t be surprised when you blink and you’re already in mid-August. So don’t waste your time not enjoying it all with friends and family. Whatever you feel will increase your knowledge and experiences, go for it, just stay safe, no drunk driving and use a condom always!






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