You Have What You’re Looking For

We constantly keep searching. We search for the perfect quotes to fit how we feel, we search for love from people who obviously have none to give, we search for what we’ve lost, in places where we’ll never find it. Why do we keep searching? What are we so missing from ourselves that we are on this never ending quest to find?

Today, I was feeling a bit off, so I decided to google a quote to place all over my social media, which, in my delusional head, would make me feel better because that’s what we do now right? Instead of directly confronting the emotions at play, we settle for a public announcement of what we’re feeling, hoping to get some sort of reassurance from…. people. While searching for the perfect quote, I stopped and asked myself, “Why do I keep searching for things to make me feel better? Why not start creating, start acknowledging and start accepting? Quotes? I can make them. Feelings? I can control them. Love? I can shower myself with. People’s opinions? I should stop giving a shit about them.” Realizing this, I had to write about it because that’s the only way I could get my thoughts out.

Sometimes, we may feel that we are all we need, but in reality, we need others. We need others in a sense that we can’t trod this Earth alone. We need friends to keep us sane, family to make us feel at home and a partner to lean on when we can’t do it alone. However, we don’t need to beg people to see us as who we are. At the right  time, the right people will present themselves. We tend to expect so much from others while not placing any expectations on ourselves. We have to love ourselves before anyone will truly love us. I’m not gonna tell you here today that I’m the most confident person when it comes to self-love, because I’m not. I sometimes still struggle with accepting myself, but it gets better every day. The more I work on who I want to be, I find more reasons to love me.

So, acknowledge where you are in your life, accept yourself and love you like no one else will. Hug yourself this minute and say “I love you”. How did it feel? Do it again and again until it becomes your reality. The moment you start loving you, is the moment you start creating a new life for yourself. Stop searching, because you’ve always had it, just give it.

I promise you, I just took my own advice, you should too.

3 thoughts on “You Have What You’re Looking For

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I’m finding I need to start the journey to loving myself too. It’s so crazy how we are always searching for something to fill this void we have…and I think that social media is partially responsible for this void. It’s making us compare our lives and ourselves to everyone else on a daily basis. As if we are all in this competition. When really what’s important is just accepting our own selves as enough. As more than enough. And start loving ourselves for who we are. Thank you for the read!

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    1. Exactly! I have flaws which I always tried to find ways to get rid of and it did nothing but depress me. I had to realize that 1. This is just who I am and 2. Anyone who won’t accept me for me can leave. We honestly just need to stop the comparison and learn to love ourselves for who we really are. It’s just that simple.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me hun, I appreciate it ♡

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