Sunshine State, Here We Come!

Every year since grade school, I’ve planned out my Summers, and every year I’ve failed to tick everything off my list. This Summer has proven to be no different from the rest. I start off with a bang as usual, go out and enjoy myself until the days go by and I realize that I’m not actually doing the things on my bucket list. Acknowledging and accepting the fact that I’m slowly turning into a grandma, I, along with my friend Krista, decided to take our first ever self-paid vacation to the Sunshine State in two weeks!

Given the fact that this trip will be void of parental supervision and financial support, we’ve come to the ultimate conclusion that we’re finally “adulting”. I must say, it does feel liberating to know that we can treat ourselves to an experience as wonderful as this after a semester’s worth of hard work. I can finally celebrate all the work that I’ve been putting into this blog, school and myself. Krista, also has proven herself worthy of this trip as she has been working hard to get her company off the ground, which has been truly successful!

As the days go by, we get more excited, waiting to put on our bikinis, drink Lemonade (lol) and experience the magic of South Beach. Mhmmmmmm, I can just imagine it now. So stay tuned to see tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee take South Florida!

Image source: shutterstock/kamira

If you’re acquainted with the Fort Lauderdale and Miami area, we’d love to know the best places to visit and fun things to do! We accept suggestions on a rolling basis! Also, if you’re Jamaican and wanna link up, just contact us on Twitter @BD_Patterson & @KristaForbes_




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