Campus Tour: University of Rhode Island

Today, Karen and I visited the University of Rhode Island’s Kingston campus. We initially opted for a group tour, but eventually decided we wanted to take a self-guided one instead. Group tours are very informative, yes, but when you have an adventurous spirit like ourselves, then you wouldn’t necessarily want someone showing you around.. a bit restricted I’d say. We grabbed a self-guide tour booklet from the visitors center and a campus map to begin the tour.

We went as far as the Chemical Engineering labs and spoke to someone who was doing some testing and other lab stuff. It was pretty cool. We also wormed our way into the Theatre and Visual Arts wings of the Fine Arts faculty, after which we visited the huge ass library and got lost lol…

Let’s begin!


So there you have it!

The architecture on campus is a true representation of historical New England. While some faculties were updated, some were a bit run-down, especially the fine arts center. I honestly expected to see more artwork and creativity, but it lacked that. Despite all that, I must admit we had a blast even though we were frying in the sun and almost died of thirst.



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