5 Things Everyone Should Know

As kids, and even now, our elders have always tried to instill in us certain values to hold on to for the rest of our lives. While they may try to ensure they teach us the greatest lessons, sometimes, they forget that even the smallest ones have the greatest impacts. So today, I’ve decided to share 5 random things that I stand by (and sometimes struggle to apply).

  1. Shyness Gets You Nowhere

This one had to be the first on my list. This was, and sometimes still is, my BIGGEST problem. I’m going to be honest and tell you what I’ve come to realize, something I know many of you can relate to. I grew up with strict parents. Manners and respect were top on my list of life lessons, but freedom of expression wasn’t. I had to always be extremely careful what I said and did. As a result, I grew up being extremely careful and being vocal only when was necessary with a hint of fear of judgement in my tone. This I struggled with for over 17 years of my life and have finally made the effort to change.

After getting my first job and starting college, I realized that there would come a point in my life when I’d have to constantly to engage with many different types of people. So, there were a few things about myself that I had to invest time and energy in to improve: My self-esteem, my confidence and my general outlook on life. In the initial stages, I’d feel like I’d get mini heart attacks whenever I’d attempt to be confidently vocal, however, I had no choice but to practice until I’d mastered it. Trust me, there have been many occasions when I’d walk away from a conversation asking myself what the hell I’d just uttered from my mouth..

Being shy gets you nowhere. You never get what you truly want, sometimes not even close. Your opportunities become very limited and then your self-motivation basically becomes non-existent. Start practicing to say things to people without regret (no disrespect though), laugh at yourself when you say stupid things, learn what to say and when to say what, ask questions, learn to gracefully accept no for an answer, silence isn’t always a bad thing and just be comfortable being you. Don’t focus on whether or not someone will like you, just make sure you love yourself. I’m no pro in the confidence game, but hell yeah I’m getting there and I want you to do just the same. 🙂

2. You Have The Right To Dream Big & Turn Your Ideas Into Actions

My mom wanted me to study medicine. I knew that deep down to my bone structure, I wasn’t made for that field. I wasn’t interested in it one bit. It took years of constant arguments for her to finally realize that my head was elsewhere and that I was bound to pursue something I’m passionate about. I didn’t know until recently what I wanted to study; it was a constant shift from one thing to the next, but I believe that’s just a part of life.

When you know where you want to be in the future and you write down the goals you need to accomplish to get there, you’re many steps closer to becoming successful. If you’re unsure about where you want to be, MAKE the time to figure things out and get everything down on paper. Have a clear-cut understanding of the person you want to become and understand that success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes work and diligence.

Don’t settle for less than what you really deserve and ignore others who belittle your dreams. Also, never expect other people to be as invested in your dream as you are. You need live by that so you’re never disappointed, just motivated to excel even more. Don’t let the man who didn’t chase his dream tell you that you can’t chase yours.

IMG_20160619_124108 (1)

3. Breakfast Is Super Essential

I know people who skip breakfast because they “don’t want to get fat”. Bullshxt. Skip any other meal of the day but not this one! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the necessary nutrients you need to super-charge your day and maximize productivity. And don’t eat unhealthy food for breakfast, it should be power-packed with protein and healthy fats as well as vitamins and minerals. If you prefer to keep it light in the mornings, consider a protein shake and some fruits. Stop playing with your health bruh.

4. You Don’t Need Many Friends

You really don’t. Stop trying to fit in and make buddies everywhere you go. You can have a close group of friends who share similar interests and actually care about your well-being as you do about theirs, but don’t expect to find true friends under every rock. Learn to separate personal relationships from business relationships and address each accordingly. A handful of friends whose drive to succeed is greater than yours is really all you need. Keep that in mind.

5. Love Yourself

I find myself uttering these two words a lot lately and funny enough, it gives me a spark of confidence every time. There’s only one you on this planet. You’re special, gifted and amazingly beautiful. Think about your thoughts and your actions. Mold them in a way that uplifts your spirit and that of everyone else around you. You, my friend, are loved, sometimes you may  feel down, but only you have the power to push every obstacle out of your path and enjoy your  life to the max. Give more, you’ll realize that you feel better every time you do. What you think, say and do is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. Manifest beauty inside and it will shine outwards.

From the 5 randoms things that I’ve just discussed, I hope you were able to find something valuable and start applying it to your life. It’s time to up the ante and work on yourself more than ever before.


With much love,


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