Two Cozy Coffee Shops in Middletown, RI

I’ve been wanting to find the coziest little coffee shops in my town for the longest while, and this morning, I hopped out of bed and decided I would make the effort to do just that.

Firstly, I checked out Yelp. Three shops were listed that weren’t mainstream like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, however, one of the three was closed down. The remaining two were the ones I decided to visit.

  1.  THE FRENCH CONFECTION (72 E Main Rd, Middletown, RI 02842)

    Being only a 2-minute drive from my apartment, this was my first stop. It’s facade looks like that of a little New England house. The irony was that it’s located right across the road from the Middletown Starbucks lol. I parked in the front and made my way inside. My first impression was “Parisian”. It looked like a little French coffee shop with a beautiful painting on one wall and mini Eiffel Towers all over. TAKE ME TO FRANCE! 😥

I ordered a Latte with chocolate and cinnamon as well as four French Macarons. Everything was rather affordable and looked extremely delicious. The workers were also very warm and welcoming. I’m sure I’ll be back, especially in the Fall and the Winter months.






2. CUSTOM HOUSE COFFEE (796 Aquidneck Ave #7, Middletown, RI 02842)

This one was about 8 minutes from my apartment. With the aid of my trusty GPS, it was quite easy to locate. My first impression of this one was “small town country” lol. Unlike the previous coffee shop, this one looked and smelled like extra strong dark roast. It had bags and bags of coffee beans piled up on each other and a little food section. I had no idea what to order because I had just drunk a Latte and I was already buzzing! However, I really wanted to try out their coffee so I told the barista to whip up something good. I was served a medium cold-brewed, “Zombie Killer”, I nearly pissed myself at the mention of it’s name. It was STRONG! It only cost me around $4.00 though, good pricing. People, if you want authentic coffee in this area, you gotta check this place out.





So, there you have it! Two cozy and non-mainstream coffee shops near my home. They were both pretty affordable and the coffee was A1. I shall be back.



2 thoughts on “Two Cozy Coffee Shops in Middletown, RI

  1. Check out Lorusso’s in Newport! It’s a new restaurant and bakery that has delicious coffee and a wide array of yummy treats. Also, there’s a room to the left of the bakery called “the meeting room” that has lot’s of seating and even live music sometimes! It’s a new business so everything is all still in the works; but, it is coming together quite phenomenally. 🙂


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