JORD Wood Watch Review + GIVEAWAY!

If you abide by Brittney’s bible, an outfit is never truly complete until you place a piece of jewelry around your wrist– which in most cases, is an adorable watch. I’m sure most people will share similar sentiments, if not, you guys are boring (unless you’ve substituted it for a stunning neck piece). Well, what if you traded your shiny gold watch for a carefully crafted wooden one instead? Hmmmmm…… now you’re thinking.

Last month, JORD proposed a collaboration to me. They gave me the opportunity to own one of their stunning wooden timepieces for a simple yet, super effective return– a review. Let me repeat. I, Brittney Patterson, got the chance to own something so beautifully and carefully hand-crafted for a simple investment of my time to write this thoughtful blog post about my honest views… La dolce vita!

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Wooden watches have been a trend for a while now, however, not a trend that got the spotlight it deserved. You may find yourself asking questions like, “Does it work like a regular watch?”, “What’s the movement?”, “Is it waterproof?”, “Is it durable?”, “Does it require extra care?” and y’all could go on and on (I think this is where I roll my eyes lol).

JORD designed their watches to be fully functional for the modern man and woman. They didn’t just stop at that, they ensured that fashion and style mavens would fall in love with them as well. These wooden timepieces come in a variety of authentic colors with careful detailing to get that “UMPH!” you seek. 😀

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I was gifted with the new Purpleheart & Mother of Pearl from their Cora Series line, valuing at $275 USD. As some of you on my Instagram and Snapchat may remember, I got so excited when it arrived. I documented the entire unpackaging process on both platforms so you guys could see as well.

The case the watch came in is made out of wood with their logo engraved in the covering. The covering and base were made with mini magnets so as to form a sort of security for the watch. Further towards the extreme south end of the base is a cute little drawer which houses the additional links that could be added to the band of the watch.

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When I saw the watch for the first time, I was simply amazed, and every time I’ve looked at it since, I shake my head in awe. These people were so creative and thoughtful when crafting this beauty. The first thing that struck me was the rich purple colors and tones it boasts, with links replicating that of a metal watch. It’s not too small nor too big– just the way I love watches. The band fits a bit snug on my wrist but with an additional link, it would fit with just the right amount of space. The wood is so smooth and smells like a mixture of, “I just walked out of a carpentry!” and finishing oil lol. In designing their watches, JORD knew that authenticity was what would make their watch stand out on the market.

This timepiece was made from Purpleheart wood. As the name states, the wood ranges from a light brown to a heavily saturated purple color. According to my research, Purpleheart is one of the hardest woods in the world, which allows it to be water-resistant. Although able to resist water, it is advised, by its creators, to avoid submerging the timepiece as damage may be possible, however, a little splash from washing my hands won’t do any harm.

This beautiful watch was hand-finished and pre-treated with tung oils to add a layer of protection. JORD recommends using lemon or oil extracts to clean it once in a while, so as to preserve the natural wood.

Some may say it’s extra work to care for it, but think about it, you get to own something so authentic, so why not care for it? I must say, it is indeed the most unique piece in my wardrobe collection right now.

The watch boasts glass made from Sapphire crystal which is scratch-fee and genuine Swarovski crystals as the hour markers. It was made to be self-winding and automatic– which means it doesn’t use batteries. And oh yea! It comes with a one year warranty as extras!

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For this mini shoot, I wanted to show you guys that, despite the watch being defined by nature, it could make the perfect statement for the most modern chic-est of persons. I wore a simple black v-neck tucked into a midi flare, black and white striped skirt, adorable pointy heels and last but not least, my famous olive green hat. I also flaunted a lippie of similar color to compliment and blend with the watch. My outfit was extremely Instaworthy that day, all thanks to JORD! 😀

Womens Wooden Watches

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G  I  V  E  A  W  A  Y  ! 

As promised, when I landed 2K Instagram followers (@brittneysdiary), I’m hosting a giveaway through JORD!!

All you need to do is click the link I’ve provided below, fill out your name and email address and voila! You’ve entered to win a $75.00 e-gift code to the shop! The winner will be automatically selected and emailed.

GREAT NEWS! All other entrants automatically receive a $20.00 e-gift code just for entering! Yaay for goodies!

Contest ends on September 26, 2016 at 11:59 pm, so tell your friends and family to join in on all the action!




This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches.







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