An Open Letter To The Man Who I Will One Day Call My Husband

Dear Mr. Lucky,

How are you? I’m just writing this letter to give you a basic insight into what you’re going to be dealing with for years to come, God’s willing.

I should begin by saying that life is a funny thing, it’s a journey that you inevitably have to travel. It comes with amazing ups and devastating downs that we can never be fully prepared for. With that being said, it’s very clear what we’ll be signed up for.

I’m pretty sure the first thing that caught your attention was me referring to you as “lucky”. My friend, you are, just as how I am too. I think of myself as a wonderful human being who carries unique flaws. I’m driven by passion and purpose, love and life. Life’s short but I’m eager to make the most of it. There are days when I want to climb to the top of a mountain, and days I want to hide under my blanket and binge watch Gossip Girl or Sex And The City all day. Days I successfully execute and days I complain about how long my to-do lists are, days I drink coffee and days I opt for green tea. You get the gist. I’m just an average girl who’s evolving into an amazing woman, hoping to find mind-blowing love which will last a lifetime.

Although I hate them, arguments are bound to happen. However, I see them not as reasonable grounds for distance to be created between us, but for us to grow closer. I see them as opportunities to learn little things about each other– things we like, dislike, desire and so much more. So when things do get sour, don’t avoid me, talk to me and tell me what I did wrong, what I can do to fix it, what’s happening in your life as I’ll do just the same.

I like to feel special, simply because I’m a queen at heart and also because I’ll do things just to show you that you’re special to me too. Randomly bring me roses (pink peonies preferably, but roses will do too), tell me that I’m weird and kiss me on my forehead, ask how my day was, what’s going on in my life, what’s bothering me or even just what I want to eat lol. Make me hot cocoa every night before bed or chamomile if I’m feeling for it, rub my head because it makes me feel at peace and randomly hold my hand. Kiss me before you sleep and when you open your eyes each morning, take me on random dates, especially when I’m not feeling my best, and just tell me you love me when I need to hear it the most.

Just know that whatever you’re going through, whether good or bad, I’ll be there to go through it with you. You’ll never have to handle anything alone. I’ll never tell you that you can’t do something you really want to do. I’ll always be there to listen to your dreams, your goals, and aspirations. While I’m going to be your biggest supporter, I’ll also be your critic if you need me to be (not naggingly). If you need a shoulder to rest your head on, although not very big, mine will be there. I can’t promise you that my cooking will be as awesome as your mom’s but you’ll be fed… lol.

However, don’t expect me to chase you for anything. While I believe in second chances, thirds are left to my discretion. Don’t shut me out and expect me to be there for you, don’t disrespect me and expect that I’ll stay with you. I won’t. While I may love you, I love myself too, and I won’t turn a blind eye to an unhealthy relationship.

I believe having a partner is knowing you have a source of peace and love in your life. Knowing that after a day of chaos caused by the world, you can comfortably go home and know you’ll be in your happy place. That’s what I expect us to be for each other.

As the days, weeks, and years go by, we’ll learn to love each other more than ever before. We’ll care for and protect each other.

This letter is only just a small fraction of what’s to come.





Article originally posted on on October 18, 2016, by Brittney Patterson.


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