5 Simple Things You Can Do To Have A Productive Day

Many of us, if not all, have failed to accomplish some of the things we set out to do for a day. Sometimes we end up bringing it over to the next day, week or sometimes even end up forgetting all about it until we dream about it one night making us jump out of our sleep panicking. Yea, I could tell you all about that. Seeing as though I’ve been starting to master the art of bossing up my day and getting things done, I’ve decided to share with you five simple things that you could do to get things done quickly and efficiently.

1. Wake up early

Rise and shine sleepy heads! I know some of us can’t stand the idea of rolling out of bed before nine o’clock, which I totally understand. However, I’ve found that going to bed early and getting seven to eight hours of sleep makes me pumped for the next day. I usually wake up open the blinds, drink water and take a shower to energize myself, then have breakfast and make my daily task list. Great way to kick-start productivity, trust me!

2. The to-do list

Honestly, I’m still trying to work on using my designated planner book efficiently, but what I can tell you, is that just by simply writing down your list of activities for your day organized by hours, you can get stuff done. It gives you a basic idea of where you should be focusing your efforts and what your day should be like. Organize your day by priorities, that way you can get the more pressing stuff out of the way. Allocate reasonable times for things that need a good amount of time and remember that the day has only twenty-four hours, so you may not be able to get everythingdone. Also, try to schedule breaks in your day to give yourself a peace-of-mind.

3. Coffee

Okay, so you know I’m always going to talk about the boss-drink. Even if its just a little cup, drink it, for me 🙂 Its okay to give in, so what if you’re an addict? If you just want to avoid the caffeine but loveee coffee, go for decaf. Your mind plays games with you, so tell yourself it’s not decaf and you’ll be buzzed, I promise.

4. Make a playlist

Whether your activities for the day takes you on the road, to school, work or just at-home chores, making a playlist of fun, head-bopping songs will make you feel good. Avoid depressing music, that will only make you stare outside and imagine things that I’m sure you don’t want to. I have a few playlists on Spotify, two for when I’m taking on the highway, two for when I’m reading or relaxing and fun tunes, for when house chores become a needle in my side.

5. Adjust your mind

“You can do anything you put your mind to”, something my mom has pounded in my head since I was able to talk. Executing only takes belief in self and action. Once you believe that you can do something, despite the challenges that may come your way, you not only will do it, but you will do it remarkably well. Put away self-doubt and procrastination, look on the bigger picture, the rewards, and the fact that you can rest after you’ve successfully completed it. This alone should be your motivating force, so get up off your bum, leave Twitter and Instagram until later and execute!





Article originally posted on Odyssey, by Brittney Patterson on October 11, 2016.


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