10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

‘Tis the season for giving and love. While some of us have written lists of gifts we’re getting for our loved ones and know exactly what we’re getting for our special guy, some of us — like me — don’t even know where to begin. Given this, I’ve put out the effort to do my homework and make a list of ten gift ideas he’d be sure to love!

1. His favorite cologne

2. Customized leather shaving kit

3. Headphones

4. His favorite team’s jersey

5. A wallet

6. Belts and socks

7. A unique wooden watch

8. Cool shot glasses

9. Running shoes and a gym bag

10. Video games

And many more! If you opt to make it more personal, head on over to Pinterest for many DIY ideas!

Happy gift giving!



Article originally published on Odyssey by Brittney Patterson on November 29th, 2016


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